Community Outreach

Giving back, promoting and working with a variety of institutions, non-profits and charities in the Greater Cincinnati area is a major focus of IACC. Since our inception we have been involved in fulfilling this mission. Some of our highlighted partnerships included fundraising for the Mercy Health Foundation, promoting and participating in a 5K run/walk in support of the Asian Indian Physicians Association and fundraising to financially support the construction of a kitchen in an orphanage in India.

We are interested in supporting scholarships for Indian American students, partnering with cultural organizations, sponsoring and co-hosting events with non-profits devoted to Indian women and children and other social causes aligned with our mission. If your organization is interested in working with IACC, please contact our IACC coordinator by email or via IACC social media outreach.

IACC believes we all do better, when we all truly do better. We connect our members with opportunities to volunteer their times and resources to make a collective impact.

Job Listings

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